New Chapters

 New Chapters

While we do not actively seek to expand the number of Fellowhsip of Christian Riders chapters, we are always open to adding a new chapter if someone likes what they see and hear about us; wants to start a chapter in their area; and is dedicated to putting in the time and effort that it takes to start a chapter.  The overall guidelines for starting a new FCR chapter are as follows:

1)  Contact FCR (use the “Contact Us” form on the About FCR page) and let us know who you are and where you are located so we can approve your location and help you with the process.

2)  The chapter must be “hosted” by a local church.  So far, all of FCR’s host churches are United Methodist churches, but FCR is a non-denominational ministry and as such any Christian church whose principles align with our statement of beliefs as outlined in the FCR Charter can be a host church.

3)  The leadership of the potential host church should be presented with the FCR – Host Church Proposal and given time to review it and to gain a full understanding of what the proposed hosting relationship involves.

4)  Once the potential host church has officially agreed to become a FCR host, the chapter founder and/or the host church liaison need to establish and maintain contact with the FCR President for assistance and guidance in further developing the chapter.